IGNOU VS DU SOL? Which is better? Where to Enrol?

IGNOU VS DU SOL? Which is better? Where to Enrol?

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IGNOU VS DU SOL? Which is better? Where to Enrol?

IGNOU Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) is a well-known Indian distance-learning organization. IGNOU, founded in 1985, has pioneered in delivering flexible and accessible education to millions of students across the country and beyond.

IGNOU’s open and flexible learning method is one of its distinguishing aspects. It allows students to study at their speed and convenience, allowing them to balance their education with personal and professional obligations. The institution provides study materials, online tools, and support services to enhance successful learning and participation.

On the other hand, the School of the Open Learning University of Delhi is an affiliated entity created in 1962 to promote higher education in the humanities and commerce streams. Its goal is to make higher education more accessible to a wide spectrum of students through online learning. As a distance education pioneer, DU SOL has played an important role in increasing educational choices for students who cannot continue full-time, on-campus study. The courses’ flexibility helps students to mix their education with employment, family, and other obligations.


It offers the same freedom as IGNOU, but there are no assignments or projects to complete. The University Grants Commission has also given its approval to the varsity. Graduate and postgraduate Humanities, Commerce, and Social Science programs are available at the institution. It’s one of the greatest possibilities for individuals who don’t have time to attend conventional lessons.

IGNOU and the University of Delhi’s SOL are well-known online education institutes in India. Here is a comparison of their reputations, as well as some DU SOL assignment status and study material information:


Both are Indian distance learning institutions.

While some businesses may first dismiss degrees from foreign educational institutions, the value and weightage of an Indira Gandhi National Open University degree have increased dramatically over the years. Because of the university’s reputation for offering high-quality education and its official status, IGNOU degrees are increasingly recognized and acknowledged by businesses across industries. Furthermore, the Indira Gandhi National Open University programs’ flexibility and accessibility attract various learners, including working professionals and those seeking higher education options.

Delhi University is a famous university that regularly offers full-time undergraduate and postgraduate programs. It has a great reputation in India and is regarded as one of its best colleges. It has been listed among the top finest institutions in India by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, stressing its academic prowess and research output. The degrees awarded by Delhi University hold significant weightage in the job market, as employers recognize the institution’s reputation and the rigorous academic curriculum it offers.

IGNOU’s Courses

IGNOU offers various undergraduate, postgraduate, diploma, certificate, and doctoral programs across various disciplines.

Some popular programs include Bachelor’s degrees in Arts, Commerce, Science, Computer Applications, Social Work, Education, etc. They also offer Master’s degrees in Arts, Commerce, Science, Computer Applications, Social Work, Education, etc.

IGNOU courses generally have flexible eligibility criteria, with many programs being open to all individuals who have completed the required education level, such as 10+2 for undergraduate programs and a Bachelor’s degree for postgraduate programs.

The duration of Indira Gandhi National Open University courses varies depending on the program. Bachelor’s degrees typically range from 3 to 6 years, while Master’s degrees can be completed in 2 to 5 years. Diploma and certificate programs usually have shorter durations.

SOL’s Courses

SOL primarily offers undergraduate programs in Arts (B.A. Program and Honors), Commerce (B.Com. Program and Honors), and Science (B.Sc. Honors).

The eligibility criteria for SOL undergraduate programs require candidates to have completed 10+2 from a recognized board with the required percentage specified by SOL and the University of Delhi. The duration of SOL undergraduate programs is typically three years.

Fee Structure of IGNOU and SOL

The fee structure for IGNOU programs varies depending on the course. The fee can range from a few thousand rupees to a few lakhs, depending on the program and duration. Indira Gandhi National Open University also offers financial assistance through scholarships and fee waivers for economically disadvantaged students.

The fee structure for SOL courses is relatively lower than regular colleges affiliated with the University of Delhi. The fees can vary depending on the program and are subject to change. 

IGNOU Study Material And Assignment

IGNOU includes assignments in most courses and programs, contributing to the overall percentage. These assignments are worth 30 points and play an important part in assisting students to achieve excellent grades on their exams. The assignment grades are used for the yearly exams. You can effortlessly check your IGNOU assignment status by visiting the university’s official website. It has a separate section to follow your assignments’ progress and submission status.

It is critical to build a suitable front page for your IGNOU assignments. The university can provide particular rules or templates for the front page design for assignments. To achieve a professional and acceptable appearance for your task, adhere to the required structure.

Indira Gandhi National Open University offers well-prepared study materials created by professional committees. The materials are written straightforwardly and concisely, thoroughly comprehending the themes. Each topic is properly summarised and explained, giving applicants adequate tools to prepare for assignments and improve their general understanding. These study materials are available through the official channels of Indira Gandhi National Open University.

SOL Study Material And Assignment

DU SOL has a unique approach. It promotes self-study and does not provide assignments. The final or yearly examination exclusively determines your passing grades. 

DU SOL also provides study materials, which may need to be more appropriate for an examination. The emphasis of SOL is on conceptual understanding of the subject. Sol study material includes textbooks, reference books, and other resources pertinent to the university’s courses. Du Sol study material is available through its official website. You can find the syllabus details on the official website of the university.


Finally, both IGNOU and SOL provide excellent remote education options in India. Over the years, IGNOU’s reputation has expanded tremendously, with its degrees receiving recognition and acceptance in various fields. Individuals looking to balance education with personal and professional responsibilities may find the university’s flexible learning method, comprehensive course options, and high-quality study materials to be an ideal alternative.

On the other hand, the University of Delhi has a high reputation in the Indian academic system. SOL’s emphasis on self-study and conceptual comprehension gives students a different learning experience. At the same time, it lacks the assignment component seen in Indira Gandhi National Open University. 

Lastly, the decision between IGNOU and SOL is influenced by an individual’s tastes, job ambitions, and learning style. Both universities provide opportunities for growth and advancement through online education, allowing students to pursue higher education while balancing other responsibilities.


  • How can I check my IGNOU assignment result?

Ans. You can check your ignou assignment result from the official ignou website http://www.ignou.ac.in/

  • What is the status of the ignou study material?

Ans. All the ignou students can check their study material status online by entering a 9 or 10-digit enrolment number. 

  • How can I get my IGNOU ID card? 

Ans. To get the IGNOU ID card, visit the official IGNOU website http://www.ignou.ac.in/. From there, you can download your ID card. 

  • How can I download my IGNOU hall ticket for exams? 

Ans. Visit the official ignou website ignouhall.ignou.ac.in. Now, fill in the enrolment number and select the program. Now, click the submit button; you can download your ignou hall exam ticket from there. 

  • Is there an online percentage calculator for IGNOU?

Ans. Yes, you can calculate your percentage online. 

  • How can I check my IGNOU admission status?

Ans. Students can check their admission status from the official portal of ignou – ignou.ac.in

  • Can I submit my IGNOU assignments online?

Ans. Yes, you can submit the assignment online on the official portal of Indira Gandhi National Open University.

  • What is the grading system used by IGNOU?

Ans. Students’ performance is judged based on “Letter Grades”, i.e., A, B, C, D, or E. Students are allotted the grades based on their performance. IGNOU uses both grading and marking schemes. 

  • How long does it take to receive the IGNOU grade card after the completion of exams?

Ans. Indira Gandhi National Open University takes around 4 to 6 weeks to process and send the mark sheet and the certificates to the students. 

  • How can I apply for a duplicate IGNOU ID card if mine is lost?

Ans. You can download your IGNOU ID card from the official Indira Gandhi National Open University website. Visit the official website or download the app. Log in with your enrolment number, select the program and date of birth. Then, click the ID card; a popup will show on your screen. Use your enrolment number as a password to download the ID card. After downloading the ID card, take a print of it. 

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