Is it Mandatory to Submit IGNOU Assignments?

Is it Mandatory to Submit IGNOU Assignments?

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Is it Mandatory to Submit IGNOU Assignments?

IGNOU assignments are always the key point of discussion among new students. This is due to their high importance, which sharply reflects on the final results of any student. 

Most of the candidates know that timely submission of IGNOU assignments is crucial for a better score. But still, a lot of students don’t pay attention to its importance which results in an overall poor academic performance.

To help candidates further with submitting their assignments, we’ve tried to clear some of the most common doubts that new students have.

Is it compulsory to submit IGNOU assignments?

Of course, It is best to submit the IGNOU Solved Assignments on time, but submitting them prior to the deadline can help you create a better first impression. With a timely submission, you not only ensure a better score but can also focus on proper time management.

After the submission of assignments, you can check your grades at IGNOUs official website, under the Assignments section. By doing so, candidates can quickly evaluate their mistakes and create a better strategy for upcoming assignments.

Where to download the latest IGNOU assignments?

In case, if you have enrolled in one of the popular courses at IGNOU recently, knowing where to find your official assignments can be quite useful. As per IGNOUs normal schedule for the submission of assignments, University has started accepting the IGNOU assignments for the December term-end exam 2022. 

Undoubtedly, the online submission of assignments has taken the pressure off many students, who are worried to submit their assignments on time. However, downloading the right assignments and submitting them on time is still essential. Plus, something even more important is to know how exactly you can submit the assignments on IGNOU’s official site.

Utilizing the official portal of IGNOU – Indira Gandhi National Open University, is best for downloading assignments. No matter from which stream you belong, simply navigate the assignment downloads section under > StudentZone > Assignment and select your respective section to get a list of the available assignments for downloading.

How to submit IGNOU assignments quickly?

No doubt, finishing assignments with your efforts and submitting them on time is the best approach to help you grow as a student. But if you are one of those candidates who is struggling with assignments until the deadline, it is possible that you are looking for a way to complete them quickly.

Fortunately, you can get help from trained professionals to assist you with IGNOU assignment answer writing. You can simply search for one on the internet or choose from popular ones like Edu birdie, Freelancer, or [include your own company name here]. 

By using an online assignment writing service, you can be assured of receiving a flawless assignment and submitting it on time. It will also help you evaluate your own knowledge while allowing you to discuss it with professional writers in the industry. Thus, getting a helping hand from assignment writing services is pretty beneficial in such situations.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Submitting IGNOU Assignments

A lot of new students are not aware of the guidelines they need to follow when submitting their first assignment. Sometimes this can lead to the unacceptance of your assignments. But following the below guidelines can help you avoid such situations easily.

  • The maximum size of the PDF of the assignments should not be more than 100MB during the uploading process.
  • Never forget to attach the front page, and question paper, to every assignment.
  • Make sure you name the PDF File as per instructions from your regional center.
  • Do not resubmit the assignment if done previously.
  • If you have submitted a hard copy to your teaching center, then do not submit your assignment via online mode.
  • If you cannot submit the assignment online, submit the hard copy to your teaching center.
  • You must write the IGNOU assignments on an A4 Size white blank paper preferably, but you can use ruled papers too since there are no strict rules on paper type.
Bottom Line

At IGNOU, submitting assignments on time is considered good practice. No wonder students with regular submissions get far better scores in comparison to those who don’t. Hence, it is wise to focus on submitting a quality assignment that your professor would love to read.


What is the final date for submission?

The submission deadline was extended to the 31st of October 2022 recently by IGNOU. Giving more time to the students, everyone can now submit their assignments for TEE December 2022 in time.

Is it okay to copy assignments from others?

Doing so can impact your image as a new candidate on campus. Especially if the checking authority finds plagiarism. Hence, we won’t suggest copying from others. But you can surely get help from your classmates if you wish to.

Where to find the best assignment answers?

The best place to find accurate IGNOU assignment solutions is from your reference books. Filter down the topics to the given questions and you will find decent explanations for each question. It will help you understand the topic in detail and allow you to write the answer in your own words.

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